From the Sky

Flying over our natural wonders gives you a whole new perspective, a new sense of respect and admiration for our planet and its entire community of life.


I fly using professional drones in order to explore these wonders and to communicate the urgent need to protect them.

Amor de madre (Mothers's love)

The story of the culmination of a 18,000 km trip from Antartica to Costa Rica. Pioneering footage of humpback whales, mother and calf and its relation.

A peaceful flight over the west of San José on a Sunday afternoon. The city is growing fast, as well as the urban population, posing both threats and opportunities to sustainable development in Costa Rica.


Using drones for sustainable farming

In the south of Costa Rica, thsese two farms are one of the most successful case studies in Costa Rica in low-emission farming, a great effort towards the goal of the country of being carbon neutral.

Carara National Park is situated in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, it hosts an incredibly rich biodiversity, including scarlet macaws, toucans, humming birds, poison arrow frogs, white-faced monkeys, white-tailed deers, and two-toed sloths, among many others. 

Flying over Carara National Park

Reflecting on our dependence on water and the possibility to secure a future with almost an infinite quantity of this vital resource if we know how to live in harmony with our Mother Earth

Agua infinita (Infinite water)

Got a special permit to fly over one of the widest craters in the world, the Poás Volcano, a video that will let you see the Costa Rican icon from a unique perspective.