Raised in a family with a great passion for nature, I always felt a deep fascination for the living world and all the interesting creatures that suround us, from our garden to the Ecuatorian Highlands.


A Masters Degree in Environmental Management and a Masters in Science in Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health from the University of Edinburgh, gave me a robust understanding of our impacts on the planet as well as the solutions that we must create.


I've worked for the last 10 years in sustainable development projects, especially in biodiversity conservation and climate change. Nevertheless, I felt that I was still missing something, something that could have a higher impact on people's awareness of our environmental issues, a type of awareness as the one my family had "tatooed" on me as a child.


Therefore, as a photographer, I'm now focused on communicating to as many people as possible the wonders of our Planet Earth and how we depend on healthy ecosystems for our well-being.


My main goal is that you can see what I see through the lens of my camera, and feel what I feel when I'm in the field, so you can also fall in love with nature and have a strong and real desire to protect it.